Psychological Testing and Assessment (12th Edition) by Lewis R. Aiken (Late)

Psychological Testing and Assessment (12th Edition)

Book Title: Psychological Testing and Assessment (12th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0205457428

Author: Lewis R. Aiken (Late)

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Lewis R. Aiken (Late) with Psychological Testing and Assessment (12th Edition)

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A proven classic in the field, this edition of Psychological Testing and Assessment features new co-author Gary Groth-Marnat. Building on Aiken’s strong foundation, this edition has been thoroughly updated, offering extensive coverage of new tests, inventories, and scales, the methods used in constructing these psychometric instruments, and the application of them.

Greater integration of chapters, enhanced student activities, more opportunities to increase depth through web-based resources, new editions of various tests, greater emphasis on applied aspects of assessment, and revisions in the content and format of college entrance examinations drive Aiken and Groth-Marnat’s twelfth edition. Substantial attention has also been given to neuropsychological assessment, adaptive testing, item response theory, the use of computers in psychological testing, and applications of tests in various contexts.