Dream College Acceptance: How to Write a College Application Essay That Gets You into Your Dream College by Shu Yang

Dream College Acceptance: How to Write a College Application Essay That Gets You into Your Dream College

Book Title: Dream College Acceptance: How to Write a College Application Essay That Gets You into Your Dream College

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN: 1520614594

Author: Shu Yang

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Shu Yang with Dream College Acceptance: How to Write a College Application Essay That Gets You into Your Dream College

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Could It be this EASY to write college application essays that COMPEL admissions judges to accept you, even if you don’t have high grades or SAT scores? The answer is “Yes”! – and if you want to eliminate every possibility of getting rejected from colleges because of your application essay, and start writing an essay that gets you into your DREAM COLLEGE regardless of your grades or SATs…then this will be the most important book you will ever read! But before you start, I have a few important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer… • Do you have a college that, if you are accepted, WOULD MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE – but you feel that your chances are remote? • Are you worried that your grades and SAT scores are not good enough to guarantee your acceptance into your dream college – or any decent colleges? • Are you afraid that you don’t have any particularly impressive experiences to discuss in your college application essay? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you: You Are Not Alone. And it’s Not Your Fault. In fact, these 3 questions were generated after interviews with literally thousands of students about the concerns they have when applying to colleges. It’s a fact: Every year, thousands of students who have great grades and high SAT scores get rejected from colleges all across the country! There are also thousands of students who didn’t have the best grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, but got into top schools such as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, or Ivy Leagues. How could this be? There is ONE THING all of these students who got into top universities without stellar grades and test scores have in common: Their college application essays have impressed the admissions judges so much that the judges felt EMOTIONALLY COMPELLED to accept them. And they did. In fact, in our interview with an Ivy League admission judge, she bluntly said, in effect, “Look, I read hundreds of applications PER DAY! After reading them for the first 2 hours, my brain already felt scrambled like an egg! Do you really expect me to tell the difference between one applicant and the other pile of 250 applications? The only reason I would accept someone is that if I can really GET TO KNOW HIM FROM HIS ESSAY and he is someone who genuinely impresses me! In that case, his grades and test scores can be a lot more lenient!”. Wow! How can you make your essay the one that make the admission judge react like that and accept you? It turns out that there is a very specific set of triggers which, when applied in a college application essay, will drastically increase your chances of acceptance to any top university. These unconventional tools are what these “special students” applied in their essays that got them into Ivy League schools. On the other hand, there is also a set of FATAL MISTAKES that the common students make in their essays, killing their chances of acceptance to their dream colleges. The worst part is that not only are most students unaware of these fatal mistakes, teachers and counselors often recommended them to students as “ways of writing that 'enhance' their essays”! This book is dedicated to give you that set of unconventional tools you can use to maximize your chances of acceptance to YOUR DREAM COLLEGE. It will also show you the top deadly mistakes ALMOST ALL students make and help YOU avoid them. You will learn: • A detailed breakdown of what colleges really look for in an applicant and what the admissions judges are not telling you • How to choose the best material to write in your college application essay • A step-by-step guide to write your outstanding college application essay from introduction to conclusion, applying cutting-edge unconventional tools and techniques that will drastically increase your chances of getting accepted! Now let's get started with your essay! I will see you inside!