Premedical Student: A One Year Daily Planner Agenda: Axilogy Test Prep (JumpStart Med Ed) by Amareen Dhaliwal

Premedical Student: A One Year Daily Planner Agenda: Axilogy Test Prep (JumpStart Med Ed)

Book Title: Premedical Student: A One Year Daily Planner Agenda: Axilogy Test Prep (JumpStart Med Ed)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1535463422

Author: Amareen Dhaliwal

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Amareen Dhaliwal with Premedical Student: A One Year Daily Planner Agenda: Axilogy Test Prep (JumpStart Med Ed)

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Wouldn’t you love to jumpstart your pathway to medical school and a successful life as a doctor without the confusion?

Every person ever proclaimed a genius shares one secret. They succeeded not because they were smarter, they would tell you they weren’t. Their success rested on one simple secret; achieve more in less time.

In fact Freud, Darwin and even Franklin all agreed; the secret to genius-level success is becoming a master of time so you can accomplish the seemingly impossible – by mapping out their road to success in a 24 hour planner.

Like you they looked past degree, always seeking ways to accelerate how quickly and efficiently they accomplished every task. For you that likely means starting medical school preparation early, getting accepted to the medical school of your choice – a medical school that opens doorways to a fast-track career that sets you on a direct path to helping future patients and leading the medical world.

To gain acceptance, you must prove yourself worthier than peers with the same GPA through your MCAT prep, work, application, and extra-curricular activities. 


THAT MEANS YOU NEED to GET a MED SCHOOL COUNSELOR & DAY PLANNER ALL-IN-ONE...For less than a night out at the movies.

If you’re considering tapping into this MCAT STUDY & MCAT COLLEGE ADMISSIONS SUCCESS PLANNER one thing is obvious; you don’t want to get to med school on the lazy-river; you want to jump on the rocket that sends you screaming past your peers to all those first you don’t have time to dream about right now. You want to stop imagining what it will feel like to get that first job at your dream hospital, that first patient case that you remember forever and what you’ll spend it on, your first big promotion and that recognition as the most sought-after expert in your field

So you can write your own ticket, garner medical school, get the time off you deserve, and soar into the future further and faster than your peers.

When others are scrambling to pad their application so they look good on paper, you won’t have to because you’ll have the blueprint to medical college admissions success right at your fingertips.

You won’t need to worry about forgetting to add critical details, because everything you need to master early admissions is right in front of you, in black and white.

You won’t need to second-guess what to do first, second or last – or how to ace the MCAT – and you’ll never drop the ball because Axilogy premed planner includes everything you need to excel and stay on track.

We say and students agree that there’s no better way to skyrocket your success at an early age.

And we believe after you take it home today and put it to use, you’ll agree. So take a peek inside, discover how easily you can stay organized and how quickly you can accelerate your success and add it to your cart. We guarantee you’ll find it the most useful time-management tool you’ve ever owned or your money back.

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